Monday, October 8, 2012

What is Reverence?

Am cocksure you've ever been a victim of a fellow worshipper who kept tormenting you with comments and questions during the worship hour. That is, if you were not the tormentor. This is just one among many other issues concerning how we ought to or not to conduct ourselves in Church.

Bill May, in his article "Conduct in the King's House," answers the big big question, "What is reverence?" We are commanded in Scripture to "serve God acceptably with reverence" (Hebrews 12:28) and to reverence His sanctuary (Leviticus 19:30). But what is reverence? The definition is very broad-including profound awe, respect, love, adoration, esteem, special regard, and honor. The wrong view of reverence usually leads to one of two extremes: cringing with fear and almost terror in God's house, or else treating God's house with no more regard than a sports arena or a secular social hall. Both extremes misrepresent our great and loving Lord.

You can visit his article at . You'll learn a great lesson on reverence. Even some things most of us consider trivial like chewing gum, clapping after presentations or even dozing off during the sermon. Nice study!

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