Friday, November 8, 2013

THE LOVE DARE- 40 Days Love Journey

"Darling, truth or dare?"If you are as old as I am, you must have played, or at least heard of the game ‘Truth or Dare’. According to an article in Wikipedia, the following are the rules of the game:
One player starts the game by asking another to choose "Truth or Dare?" If the player chooses "truth", then the first player poses a question, usually an embarrassing one, which the second player must answer truthfully. If the player instead chooses "dare", then the first player sets them a task, often an embarrassing or dangerous one, which player two must perform. After answering the question or performing the dare, that player asks "Truth or Dare?" of another player, and the game continues.
A player cannot choose truth more than twice in a row, and dares cannot be repeated . Also, a player's dare cannot be to take back a previous dare. In some games players use a random method such as in Spin the Bottle to select a player to question, or cue cards marked "truth" and "dare" to choose which question to ask. Should a player refuse to answer a question or fail to complete a dare, they may be given an even more challenging dare or question. In one variant of the game, players must always start by asking a "Truth" question - if the other player refuses to answer, only then can they be given a "Dare".
I would like to assume that most, if not all of us, have failed the love question. And if rightly so I hereby pose a “Dare” to you my reader- ‘The Love Dare, a 40-days Journey’ as proposed by 40 Days Journey

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